Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The USS Liberty Five Decades Later

Many years ago, I was discussing the six-day war with a young Jewish college student, and he remarked:

I wish the war had lasted longer so we could have killed more Arabs.

How do you like that 'we'? Clearly, he identified with Israelis considerably more than with Americans, and that seems to be the case with far too many American Jews. Somehow, I don't think he ever got around to joining the US Armed Forces to help out in Vietnam. He would probably have been self-righteously opposed to that war.

Chances are good that even if you've been reading this blog for awhile that you've never heard of the Liberty, an American ship that was attacked by Israeli forces fifty years ago this week. The Israelis, evidently, intended to sink the ship and kill everybody aboard. [link]. So much for our gallant little ally.

Here's one account:
Infamy at Sea
Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty 50 Years Later