Saturday, December 31, 2016

Staking Out a Position

A guest post by Joshua Sinistar, explaining the current behavior of the left, from the cuckiest Republican to the most infantile college student to President Buckwheat himself:
Little kids always throw a tantrum before their parents get home. They're not afraid Trump is an extremist or that he's a neo-nazi. They're afraid he'll be reasonable and do what their fake messianic bozo couldn't. Govern. The Left is all about power. Shiftless lazy dumb mother fuckers always crave power. God knows nobody wants to listen to these assholes whine. Power gets them something they'll never get naturally being shiftless lazy assholes that they are. Attention. They cannot get our respect, but they'll burn this shit down until you listen to them whine.
Men with big boy pants are coming. Expect a big to do with chimp-outs and protests and sit-ins. They can't do the governing thing, but they can make a mess before Big Daddy gets home.
Bonus points for identifying the guy in the graphic. Hint: He's a historical hero.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Friends don't let friends settle in the West Bank

The title is a joke, of course. Friends are what people have, not countries. This post was touched off by some talking head on Fox News repeating the "Putin isn't our friend" cliché, which has now been said by everybody, it seems, from Harry Reid to John Bolton to maybe even Hillary herself. Trivially true, of course. Putin isn't the "friend" of any country, except maybe his own, in a figurative sense. No person is the friend of a country, and no country is the friend of anybody or anything, people or other countries, or planets, or galaxies. It's somewhat a matter of proportion. Putin can't be France's friend any more that a mite on your eyelash can be the friend of the guy who lives next door to you.

What countries have is allies and enemies, and those classifications can change very fast. Put another way, as in the quibcag, "Countries can't be ‘friends’ with one another, because in order to do, so, they'd have to put the interests of their ‘friends’ ahead of their own, at least sometimes, which is suicidal behavior on their part, because countries are sovereign and therefore don't live in meta-countries with laws and safety nets to ensure the survival and well-being of their constituent countries." And if they do have anything like that, they're member states in an empire which is a whole nother thing.

And this is also significant with regard to the "friend" meme about Israel, and also the "our greatest "ally" one. Lord Palmerston is famous for the quote in the quibcag that is usually paraphrased as "Nations have no permanent friends, only permanent interests." or something of the sort. I used his actual words in the quibcag, which aren't quite as pithy, but have the virtue of being what he actually said. And when it comes to Israel as an "ally," do we have some kind of treaty with them that requires us to come to each other's aid in case of war? If there is, I don't know anything about it. Actually, Israel is more like a brother-in-law who keeps "borrowing" your money, and asking you to accompany him on his walks around town to deter people he's pissed off from punching him. That, and he reads your mail and listens in on your telephone conversations, and when you criticize anything at all that he does, or even raise an eyebrow when he does them, he sets up a wail that you're "bashing" him and "hate" him, and that you're an anti-brother-in-law-ite. Oh, and he beats his wife (your wife is the Israel lobby and he's her brother and his wife is the Palestinians) and everybody talks about it except for you, and you don't talk about it because your wife might get mad. Israel isn't our friend. Neither is Bibi.

And some talking head on Fox News just said again that "Israel is our friend."

I've always sympathized with the Palestinians, and when I say always, I mean since before the '67 war. I remember after that, hearing American Jews swagger about with pride at the toughness of Israeli forces, while as for our Vietnam war, they were either indifferent to it, or downright hateful towards this country because of it. Pretty clear to me what country was "their country," and it pissed me off then and still does now. As for the Palestinians, they are screwed over big time. One maddening absurdity is that American Christians, many of them, support Israel when they push Palestinian Christians around. Maybe they don't know there are Palestinian Christians. They're 6% of Palestine, if anybody cares. The fact that Palestinians, as a collective nation, seem to be crazy, isn't all that relevant, since Israel has treated them horribly for the last 68 years, probably long before they became crazy. And, of course, Israel itself, as a collective Jewish nation, is also crazy. Just look where they decided to set up housekeeping when they could have gone to Madagascar or Alaska. Crazy.

I have no problem with our having Israel as an ally (but let's get that treaty drafted and signed, okay?), but I have a big problem with dual citizenship, with the US and Israel or with the US and any other country. If you become a citizen of Israel, or Taiwan, or Paraguay, you automatically renounce your US citizenship. Simple as that.

And isn't it interesting that, despite all this, the Obama administration is playing scorched earth, burning the fields and poisoning all the wells before the Stormtrumpers move in, throwing Russian diplomats out of the country for no discernible reason, and giving Israel a reason to have a hissy-fit. (If John Kerry gave a speech about me, I'd have a hissy-fit, no matter what he said.) I wonder if any administration in history ever tried this hard to create needless problems for the next administration.

Neither Putin nor Netanyahu is an idiot, so Trump should be able to soothe the hurt feelings pretty easily, since it's obvious to both of them what Obama is up to. Not that they both won't try to use the situation to their own advantage. I would. Trump would.

Speaking of Russia, I'm with Trump, and I want to work with Russia, as a formal or informal ally, to stabilize the Middle East. A good idea, right? Better than deliberately creating chaos, as our Presidents have been doing since 1989. But Paul Craig Roberts warns Russia here [link] that if they get too close to us, they might lose an eye.

And, finally, Vox Day warns the "Israel is our friend" basket of naifs that some Israelis definitely are anything but friends [link]:

Anti-Christian hate crime

Israeli parliamentarian destroys the New Testament and declares that Christianity "belongs in the garbage can of history".
MK Michael Ben Ari (National Union), a member of the Israeli parliament tore up a copy of the New Testament and threw it in the trash, an act that was apparently caught on camera. Ben Ari and several other Knesset members received by mail on Monday a copy of the New Testament, sent by the Bible Society in Israel, an organization that distributes religious books.

In the letter sent with the book, director of the Christian organization Victor Kalisher wrote that the new edition “sheds light on the Holy Scriptures and helps understand them."

“We hope the book will help you and illuminate your way,” Kalisher furter wrote.

However, while most MK's chose to ignore the book or return it to its sender, the rightist lawmaker chose to term the book a "provocation," tore it up into shreds and then threw it out.

“This abominable book (the New Testament) galvanized the murder of millions of Jews during the Inquisition and during auto da fe instances,” Ben Ari said adding that “Sending the book to MK's is a provocation. There is no doubt that this book and all it represents belongs in the garbage can of history.”
Imagine the outrage if a U.S. Congressman tore up a copy of the Talmud and denounced Judaism on camera.

There is no such thing as Judeo-Christianity. It does not exist. There are no "Judeo-Christian values", any more than there are "Islamo-Christian" or "Hindu-Shinto" values.

What many naive Christians need to understand is that many Jews absolutely hate Christians and Christianity. Such Jews are neither our friends nor our allies, but our overt enemies.

That does not mean that all Jews are enemies of Christianity. It doesn't even mean that most of them are. It simply means that they are a distinct people with their own distinct interests, a nation who should neither be favored nor trusted on the sole basis of their religious or ethnic identity. And like everyone else, Jews should be judged as individuals, on the basis of their individual statements and actions.

As for Israel, the USA should support it to the extent it is in American interests to do so. As a regional power in the volatile Middle East, Israel is much more useful to Americans as an ally than as an enemy. But Christians nevertheless need to understand that many Israelis, including some Israeli political leaders, are their open and avowed enemy.

Now, I realize there are more than a few Jews and Christians alike who would prefer to bury all signs of this Jewish enmity for Christians and Christianity for one reason or another. This is understandable, and it may even be well-intentioned. But if you are inclined to knowingly keep the deceived in the dark, I think you really need to ask yourself whom you are serving in that regard.

Quibcag: Two allies, at least for now, Japan and the US, symbolized in the first quibcag by the girls from Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア). In the second, the girls from Nichijou (日常) demonstrate friendship. And the third is the Israeli girl, also from Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア).

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Most of the neocons have been slapped into line (or are pretending that they have) if only because they fear being run out of the Republican party and not being able to get back in all that easily. You don't hear much "neverTrump" from most of them now. I think George Will and other pencil-necked ideologues are holding out. But as for Democrats and liberals in general, they are deeply deranged about the Trump victory, and the only word for their general reaction is "tantrum."

One thing they're deep into is projection. You know, where you accuse your opponent of doing what you do yourself. They of course accuse Trump of being a warmonger, when everything he's said about cooperating with Russia and changing our policy of overthrowing every stable government in the Middle East says the opposite. They've seized on his policy of modernizing our nuclear arsenal as proof that he wants to start a nuclear war. Which means several Presidents who have done such modernizing must have been wanting to start a nuclear war.

Of course, it's the crazy old lady, Hillary, who either wants to start a nuclear war with Russia with her no-fly zone [link], or is nutty enough that she doesn't realize that such a policy would very likely have that result. She's nutty enough, after all, to think, or at least say, that Putin has a "personal beef" with her. As though she's that significant. In actual fact, Hillary is the dangerous warmonger, Trump is the peacemaker. And in a more general way of putting it, Hillary is an interventionist on principle, while Trump's attitude seems to be that intervention is a last resort. That's in keeping with his realist/pragmatic non-ideological persona.

And an aside. When I say non-ideological, I don't mean without principle, as some use the term. Trump's principles seem to be those associated with simple patriotism and basic human decency, with a little humility thrown in, which is more of a "guide to life" than an ideology. The trouble with ideologies is that people tend to warp reality to fit them, rather than modify their ideology to fit reality. That last, humility, doesn't sound like what is said about Trump, but look at it this way. Other politicians, like Hillary and Obama and Bush, etc., know what is good for everybody in the world, which is why they're eager to send armies to enforce their bright ideas. Trump isn't that way, and seems to be concerned with what's good for his own country, and those things are obvious things that anybody could agree about — keeping jobs here, making advantageous trade agreements, being very careful about immigration, and avoiding wasting money and lives on that interventionism again.

And of course the lefties are raising hell about how many millionaires and billionaires are in Trump's cabinet. No hell was raised when Hillary was peddling influence to Wall Street by accepting payment for speeches at what seems to amount to several hundred dollars a word. If the left is upset about a Trump cabinet officer being a millionaire, you'd think they'd raise an eyebrow, at least, about how the Clintons got to be millionaires. Hint: it wasn't by building hotels, or building anything, for that matter. It was by having money handed to them for dubious reasons.

And they naturally accuse Trump of all the -phobias, from Islamo to homo to trans. Not Russophobia, though. That's what Hillary seems to have. I guess that's okay, though, because Russians are White. And half of them are male. And the vast majority of them are heterosexuals. So that's enough to earn Hillary's enmity all by itself. And while they don't have a -phobia word for it, Trump is also alleged to hate Blacks and Mexicans and other minorities. I think I know why. When a Black thug robs a store and attacks a cop and gets himself killed, Obama snarkily puts the White cop down and sends a Presidential representative to the thug's funeral. Since Trump is on record as supporting cops, the lefties of course fear that he'll continue to do so, and won't even praise the Trayvons and other Dindus or tearfully mourn their heroic deaths. Therefore, by liberal logic, he's a fascist. Or even a Nazi.

Justin Raimondo explores this new disease. This is from the Los Angles Times [link].
Do you suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome?
Justin Raimondo
The country is in the throes of a major epidemic, with no known cure and some pretty scary symptoms. It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS, and it’s rapidly spreading from the point of origin – the political class – to the population at large.

In the first stage of the disease, victims lose all sense of proportion. The president-elect’s every tweet provokes a firestorm, as if 140 characters were all it took to change the world.

Trump set up a single phone call with Taiwan’s president, and suddenly TDS patients were insisting that our “One China” policy was no more. But the reality is that telephonic communication isn’t the same thing as official diplomatic recognition. Besides, in their eagerness to highlight Trump’s alleged recklessness, the president-elect’s critics misunderstand our policy. “One China” means that we don’t recognize Taiwan as a sovereign country or China’s sovereignty over Taiwan. We’ve never considered Taiwan a mere province, and the Taiwan Relations Act obligates us to defend the island against attack.

The mid-level stages of TDS have a profound effect on the victim’s vocabulary: Sufferers speak a distinctive language consisting solely of hyperbole. Politico recently ran a piece that noted Trump’s supposedly unprecedented decision to continue using his private security force, which provoked former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin to tweet: “A predictable move for a kleptocratic authoritarian who wants to operate outside the bounds of law and basic ethical standards. Even more troubling, he may use the force's lack of government oversight & presidential veneer to carry-out extralegal acts of force.”

It’s quite a stretch to suggest that a desire to keep trusted lieutenants is actually a sinister plot to create a version of the brownshirts, but such illogical leaps are the pathway to the next stage of TDS: a state of constant hysteria.

Especially when discussing Trump’s views on immigration, hysterical TDS victims assume there’s no difference between the president-elect’s rhetoric (get out!) and his proposed policy (deporting known criminals who are in this country illegally). As Reince Priebus, Trump’s chief of staff, put it: “He’s not calling for mass deportation. He said, ‘No, only people who have committed crimes.’ And then only until all of that is taken care of will we look at what we are going to do next.”

As TDS progresses, the afflicted lose the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality. Despite Trump’s expressed desire to “work something out” for the so-called Dreamers – those brought here as very young children – Trump’s critics continue to harp on this issue. Immigration advocate Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, who has a very bad case of TDS, inadvertently revealed this mind set when he said: “Before anyone falls into the trap of believing that Trump is ‘softening’ on immigration, they should remember that we’ve seen this movie before.”

A movie, eh?

In the advanced stages of the disease, the afflicted lose touch with reality. Opinion is unmoored from fact. Life resembles a dark fairy tale in which the villain – Trump – is an amalgam of all the worst tyrants in history, past and present, while the heroes –Trump’s critics – are akin to the resistance fighters of World War II.

TDS victims routinely compare Trump to Hitler: Time magazine ran an opinion piece that asked “Just how similar is Donald Trump to Hitler?” The answer: “The comparison between Hitler and Trump is so poignant” because “both men represent their personal character as the antidote to all social and political problems.”

Since Hitler has been dead for more than 70 years, though, victims may feel the need for a more potent bogeyman, a tyrant with more currency. And they’ve found one in Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom they insist ordered a hacking campaign to help Trump win the election.

The other day, Tucker Carlson of Fox News interviewed TDS-riddled Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank). Carlson asked for evidence that Putin’s alleged machinations had any effect on the election. Unable to come up with a coherent answer, Schiff morphed into J. Edgar Hoover: “You're carrying water for the Kremlin,” he said, “you're going to have to move your show to ‘Russia Today.’”

If you ask a TDS victim what might help them feel better, they’ll use the word “normalize.” As in, we mustn’t “normalize” Trump. What they’re really saying is that normal means of dealing with him aren’t enough. Which raises the question: If he’s another Hitler, if he’s in league with Putin, then why is assassination out of the question? Poke a TDS victim and you’ll find they don’t think that “solution” is out of the question at all.

This is the final stage of the TDS epidemic: violence against a democratically elected leader. Unless a cure for TDS is found, this is where we are headed.

Justin Raimondo is the editorial director of and the author of “Reclaiming the American Right: The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement.”
Quibcag: This is Ayuko Oka (丘 歩子 Oka Ayuko), from Mysterious Girlfriend X (謎の彼女X. Nazo no Kanojo Ekkusu). I added the hammer and sickle.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

And a Merry Odinmas to You!

There's a lot more to Christmas than religion. Indeed, even within the bounds of religion, there's a lot more to Christmas than Christianity. Surely we all know by now that a lot of the elements of Christmas have their origin in pre-Christian religion. But I didn't realize, somehow, that there's more to Santa Claus than a morphing of a 4th-century saint. Specifically, I'd never heard of the Odin connection described in the quibcag and in the Jim Goad essay below.

But it's a strangely satisfying thought. It's certainly true that a great deal of what we White Europeans are has its roots in our pre-Christian past. Our customs and moral sensibilities are not, as most people suppose, a result of Christianity. It sort of worked the other way — Christianity modified itself by absorbing into itself much of our old culture.

But Jim Goad has a lot more to say about Christianity, Christmas, and Santa Claus than that. It all starts with the startling notion that Santa Claus could be anything other than White. I guess that's a permissible thought, now that Stan Lee and all have converted Nick Fury and Heimdall into Africans.  But Jim isn't having any:

Santa Claus: Still White

Although Santa Claus doesn’t exist, I am nevertheless convinced that he is white. I take it as a matter of faith that he is as white as his beard and as white as the polar ice caps. As a pale male of exclusively Northern European descent, I also choose to believe that Santa Claus is a man—a heterosexual man who enjoys giving Mrs. Claus a right good rogering from time to time.

Aisha Harris would disagree. Aisha is a blogger for She shares a first name with the girl who was married to Muhammad at age six and consummated their marriage at the unripened age of nine—while Ol’ Mo was 53—but I didn’t see this fact mentioned in the article that set off a diarrheal blast of news coverage last week.

The essay was called “Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore,” and forgive me if I think it’s a wee bit uppity for Aisha to presume she has the authority to make such declarations. Aisha writes of the shame and pain and confusion and heartache she’d experience every holiday season when she walked out into the Scary Big White World and was ruthlessly confronted with “pale” Santas who had “skin as pink as bubble gum.” Aisha failed to note that if she were still living in her ancestral homeland, she likely wouldn’t be concerned with such trifles. Back in those non-wintry climes, she might even know what horseflies taste like.

The language Aisha uses in her article to deride Santa’s commonly understood physiognomy would likely raise the hackles of microaggression-sniffing progressive watchdogs were they applied to anyone else besides white men. Harris called Santa “melanin-deficient,” a “fat old white man,” an “old white male,” and a “fat white guy”:

…I propose that America abandon Santa-as-fat-old-white-man and create a new symbol of Christmas cheer. From here on out, Santa Claus should be a penguin….That’s right: a penguin….Why, you ask? For one thing, making Santa Claus an animal rather than an old white male could spare millions of nonwhite kids the insecurity and shame that I remember from childhood.

A young black-and-white penguin, you say? Preferably one that would likely morph into a young hermaphroditic rainbow-colored penguin? And then a young human in a hermaphroditic rainbow-colored penguin costume because the animal-rights activists complained? I don’t like where this is headed at all, Aisha. Not one tiny little bit. You get a lump of coal from me this Christmas.
(Read the rest HERE.)
This is a reprint from 2013
Matt Bailey adds to all this:
"Odin, Jesus, they both piss off Leftists. And that's the REAL meaning of the season."

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Glaivester Strikes Again!

In response to this. From Glaivester's site here:

This, of course, is exactly what is going on. And there's more than one reason for it. At the top, of course, is the simple fact that White countries, by and large, are better places to live than nonWhite countries, so there's tremendous pressure from people from other countries to move to them. Add to the general desirability of White countries the fact that most of them seem to be willing to put immigrants straight onto welfare, and you get even more pressure, from would-be immigrants who are rather less desirable than most, precisely because they want to come to our countries and get freebies. Some such, like the late perpetrator of the Berlin massacre, are considerably worse than undesirable, but our politicians, like Merkel, are still determined to invited them in and put them on welfare benefits and wait till they go on murder sprees.

That, of course, is the second reason. Politicians who let the immigrants in. They may be stupid or evil or both. I heard Merkel described as basically stupid, because she thinks her Lutheran faith requires her to allow Muslim terrorists and ordinary Muslim criminals into Germany so they can kill and rape and wreck the country. This is called "compassion" by idiots who don't know the meaning of the word. A better word is "ethnomasochism." That should be pretty self-explanatory. It means being masochistic on behalf of your own ethnic group. In the sort of cases we're talking about, it means, say Swedes working hard to wipe out their own people by bringing in immigrants as unSwedish as possible, preferably low-IQ types from the MidEast and Africa, encouraging them to reproduce with generous welfare benefits, and talking your own people into intermarriage with them to create people who are neither fish nor fowl, and manifestly not Swedes. A generation or two of that, and it's the death knell for Sweden. A country like the US, from sheer size, will last longer, but the doom will be on us too, if we go that route.

Another reason is the encouragement — let's stick with Sweden as an example — by nonSwedes already present of yet more nonSwedish immigration. The motivation for this is obvious on one level — they'll be happier with more of their own kind to hang out with. One remembers the odious Khizr Khan who did the self-righteous speech at the Democratic convention. He has devoted his life, it seems, to greasing the skids to get more Muslims, and therefore more terrorists, into the United states. [link]
This would seem to apply to any group that has been allowed into White countries. When they reach a certain critical mass, they produce a subgroup that specializes in trying to get more of them in.

And then, alas, we have Jews. Throughout the White world, Jews have been at the forefront of the open borders, let anybody in, especially let nonWhites in, movement. When asked, representatives of such groups say that because Jews have been persecuted, they're very sensitive to the suffering of others, and therefore they do whatever they can to bring suffering foreigners into Germany, the US, the UK, and all other White countries. Other Jews have pointed out that such movements are motivated by the desire to repress the ethnic core of White countries, and replace it with a hodgepodge of ethnicities, on the theory that if Sweden remains 90% Swedish, one day the Swedes might all get together and give the Jews a hard time. But if Sweden is a mix of ethnicities such unity would be very unlikely.  This is insane, of course, because Swedes, who are excruciatingly tolerant, just might decide to give Jews a hard time because of the efforts of some Jews to destroy the Swedish people.

Finally we have hate. Real hate, not the leftist accusation of hate whenever anybody disagrees with them. I'm talking about the hate that many Muslim immigrants have for the people who give them refuge. Terrorists, they're usually called, but some are just ordinary murderers and rapists who have no particular ideology. They just hate these Germans, or Swedes, or Americans, and think up ways to hurt them. And it's not just Muslims, of course. In the US, we've suffered killing sprees by all kinds of immigrants, legal and illegal [link]. The hate is from the immigrants themselves, from White social justice warriors who hate themselves, their parents, and the rest of us even more, from that certain group of Jews, and from anybody and everybody whose life is shaped by political correctness. Time to turn all this around.

And Glaivester adds:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

First of all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of my readers.

I believe that on Election Day 2016, God gave this country a reprieve. But we do not want to waste it. As a Christian, I believe that we are under judgment, and that this reprieve ought to be viewed as a chance to further spread the gospel and to work to strengthen and edify others who are already saved. If you are a Christian, find a good, Christ-centered, bible-centered church. If you already have one, see what you can do to volunteer to help the church's mission. Also work to help missionaries around the world and in this country, either through your church, or through organizations you trust (Advancing Native Missions and Association of Baptists for World Evangelism are two I use).

Also, on a more secular level, we must continue to support organizations and websites like VDAREAmerican RenaissanceNumbersUSA, and Gab. We cannot assume that we can rest easy. Our enemies are rebuilding their forces as they did after the humiliating amnesty defeat in 2007. This time, we have to (a) keep building the grassroots that got Trump into office, and (b) go on the offensive.

So that is what we need to do going into the New Year - consolidate the victories we have, stay vigilant, and look to start regaining lost ground in the war to preserve America; keep looking to God for guidance and keep working to do his will. Above all, do not assume we have finished the job by getting Trump elected. The battle is never over in this age. I could go into more detail, I'm sure, but that's enough for now.

That is all.

And I agree completely

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Jesus Gambit

First, thanks to Matt Bailey [link] for sending this graphic in. The message is clear and accurate. Pay no attention to the Jesus gambit. For one thing, it is a relatively new idea that Christians should destroy themselves for the benefit of non-Christians. For centuries and centuries, it was unquestioned that a Christian's duty was to defend himself and other Christians against others who waged war against Christianity — Muslims in particular, and non-Christians in general.

In short, the idea that Christians have a duty to welcome Muslims into Christian countries is God-damned nonsense, and I use "God-damned" in it's literal, not vulgar, sense. And this especially applies to the clergy, from the Pope to the most rarified Unitarian, who have twisted Christianity into some kind of suicide cult. One very popular manifestation of the cult among our churches is their ethnomasochistic urge to bring in anybody and everybody from the Third World, Christian or Muslim or whatever, and feed them and take care of them and then turn them loose to do as they will. If you belong to a church like that, make them stop or leave the church. I'm sure you can find a saner one to attend. No. For centuries, all Christians, Popes, monks, Kings, peasants, all fought Muslims, and did not invite them to immigrate. Our ancestors would have considered that bewilderingly insane.

Speaking of bewilderingly insane, I heard a talking head on Fox News of all places ask an interviewee if Angela Merkel was partly to blame for the Berlin atrocity. It amazes me that the question was even formulated. Of course she's to blame, and more than partly. She's so much to blame that if German law permits, she should be removed from office and convicted of being an accessory to murder. It's all the more serious because she plans to welcome more murderers into Germany. Now, I heard another talking head explaining all this, by pointing out that Merkel's father was a Lutheran minister, and she learned her ethnomasochism from him, as he was one of those Christians who believe that we should sacrifice our lives for the welfare of those who are not Christians. I suppose there's something to that, but it's also true that she was brought up as a communist in communist East Germany and was a member of the  Free German Youth (FDJ). And she's never, as far as I know, repudiated communism, so she's one of those repulsive types who've done the thesis-antithesis-synthesis thing with Christianity and communism. This is often called liberation theology.

So don't let them pull the Jesus gambit on you. Remind them that it was Christians who fought in the Crusades, and that John III Sobieski never said that Islam was a religion of peace.*
*I have a theory as to where this nonsense meme that Islam is a religion of peace came from. The way the Arabic language works is that the basic root word consists of three consonants, and that whereas most languages derive words from other words with prefixes and suffixes, as in English walk, walker, walked, walking, walks, Arabic stuffs vowels (and sometimes another consonant) here and there around the three-consonant root for the same reason. From Wikipedia [link]:
From a single root k-t-b, numerous words can be formed by applying different patterns:
  • katabtu 'I wrote'
  • kattabtu 'I had (something) written'
  • kātabtu 'I corresponded (with someone)'"
  • aktabtu 'I dictated'
  • iktatabtu 'I subscribed'
  • takātabnā 'we corresponded with each other'
  • aktubu 'I write'
  • ukattibu 'I have (something) written'
  • ukātibu 'I correspond (with someone)'
  • uktibu 'I dictate'
  • aktatibu 'I subscribe'
  • natakātabu 'we correspond each other'
  • kutiba 'it was written'
  • uktiba 'it was dictated'"
  • maktūb 'written'
  • muktab 'dictated'
  • kitāb 'book'
  • kutub 'books'
  • kātib 'writer'
  • kuttāb 'writers'
  • maktab 'desk, office'
  • maktabah 'library, bookshop'

Now, the word Islam has the s-l-m root, and itself means "submission," one supposes, to Allah. But it can form the word salām سلام, which means "peace." That is, peace in the sense of having submitted to Allah so there is no need to struggle. So, if you're vaguely aware of all this, it sort of makes sense to say Islam is sort of a religion of peace, because its name is related to the word for peace.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What Libertarianism Is

Most libertarians have it back-asswards. You don't impose libertarian principles on a society and sit back and watch it turn into a libertarian society, because it won't. Libertarian principles appear in a given society, maybe, when it has evolved from barbarism into a high-trust culture that leans towards individualism and keeps collectivism in its place. In all of human history, this seems to have happened exactly once, in Western Europe, especially in Britain, and attaining its most unadulterated libertarian system in the British colonies in North America. This wasn't a case of anybody thinking up libertarianism and trying to talk everybody else into it. It was a case of libertarianism evolving into existence and laws, essays, constitutions, etc., being written to acknowledge it.

So never mind Gary Johnson. Our libertarianism will be used, not blathered about in theory, and Trump will do the using. And the protecting of it. A genuine libertarian society, you see, has to be stable or it's libertarian only temporarily, that is, in effect, not libertarian.

For example, a libertarian society has to protect itself by not letting millions of non-libertarians swamp the country. That simple logic seems to be beyond the powers of most doctrinaire libertarians but plain as a pikestaff to the practical libertarian, Donald  Trump. If you doubt this, consider: If say, Hillary Clinton were to let in six million "Syrians" would we be a more libertarian country than if Donald Trump kept them out? The answer is obvious.

And if libertarianism has any meaning in practical terms, such meaning is forever connected to the ideology of the Alt-Right. Here's the kicker (keker?): without the Alt-Right, libertarianism is meaningless at best and counterproductive at worst.  And here's what Vox Day [link] has to say about that:

Understanding the Alt-Right

This is a pretty good exploration of the conceptual thinking underlying the 16 Points of the Alt-Right:

Otto von Bismark described politics as the art of the possible. Instead of listening to his advice, 20th century political theorists became idealistic, utopian, and mechanistic. It would treat a given variable as independent from the rest of the equation, when in fact it was webbed to the rest of society through a network of feedback mechanisms. “If we could only tweak this one thing, while everything else remains constant, we would be able to create a more perfect world.” The law of unforeseen consequences followed from this, leading to a great deal of misery and destruction.

An organic, holistic approach is needed – one which doesn’t shy away from hard truths – while avoiding the fallacy of world building. Castles in the sky have no place in adult discourse or political debates, and should be shunned by anyone who wishes to be taken seriously. I have no idea if the Alt Right will remain a viable movement, or if it will be taken over by aggressive, subversive interests, but whatever happens to the label itself, Vox Days’ points remain a good starting point for creating a new political understanding of the world which is eminently practical, and capable of leading us away from the brink of societal collapse.

1. The Alt Right is of the political right in both the American and the European sense of the term. Socialists are not Alt Right. Progressives are not Alt Right. Liberals are not Alt Right. Communists, Marxists, Marxians, cultural Marxists, and neocons are not Alt Right.

Neocons are best understood as Neo-Trotskyists, the dialectical response to Neo-Liberal Democrats, whose inevitable synthesis is Globalist Stalinism under the influence of figures such as George Soros.

2. The Alt Right is an ALTERNATIVE to the mainstream conservative movement in the USA that is nominally encapsulated by Russel Kirk’s 10 Conservative Principles, but in reality has devolved towards progressivism. It is also an alternative to libertarianism.

Libertarianism is an effect, not a cause, of a well ordered society.

Obviously, I'll be providing a considerably more in-depth treatment in time, but in the meantime, this is a productive continuation of the discourse.

You'll notice that the media, which is nominally eager to push forward all things Alt-Right, has avoided even mentioning the 16 Points like the plague, although they have been more broadly accepted by many across the Right than most of the figures and concepts they have attempted to elevate. That is because the 16 Points are eminently reasonable, obviously rational, and intrinsically sound, and therefore are not at all amenable to the media's false narrative.
That's what Vox Day wrote. A commenter on his site, "Some Dude," in addition to the quote on the second quibcag, wrote this:

How the west deals with the Jewish Question has always befuddled Western nations for centuries. Give them equal rights under the law - they use their verbal IQ to take over. Discriminate and pogrom - they start organising Bolshevik Revolution or using their agents in more powerful nations to flatten you and your bros. Hitler thought he could send them to Madagascar. Stalin to Siberia. Both eventually fell upon the Final Solution scenario after much disturbance and got removed. You can't have a functioning nationalist government of the (white) people, with jews around because (a) many jews don't see themselves as whites (b) owe loyalty to Israel (c) have a significantly different neuro profile to whites without intermarriage - higher IQ, lower affective empathy, schiz>autist. Its a very tough problem in political philosophy. Spain, Russia and the Germanic states have three wildly different approaches. Did Spain get the best deal? Jews contribute a lot to science and industry as well. Obviously creating a homeland for them doesn't help, even with the billion in tribute and fighting their wars. Tough cookie game theory problem. I'm sure someone somewhere has written a parasite-host modelling paper. Stationary bandit, of a different race. In the end, if the bandit isn't the same race as the servile farmer, history shows they are always expelled, eventually.

He says other interesting things as well. Go there and read the comments.
--------------Quibcag: Illustrated by Sera Masumi of Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan  名探偵コナ). Conan, AKA Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン), who thinks forwards, not backwards.  The second is illustrated by Haruhi of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu) , and a random cartoon of TR that I found on the net.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The White Civil War

Well, coincidences abound, and I find that Chateau Heartiste [link] has also been blogging about the White Civil War alluded to in my last post, the point being that there are two factions — those of us who want the White race and Western Civilization to survive, regenerate, and prosper, and those of us who want the opposite, an insane leap onto a funeral pyre. The latter have been in charge for quite some time, and are going to continue to be in charge of a great many thing, because the "long march through the institutions" (Der lange Marsch durch die Institutionen) [link] has mostly already taken place and we'll need to have a counter-march ASAP.

Before it comes up, yes, many on the enemy side aren't White by the more narrow definitions, and are Jewish or of some other caucasian-but-not-White group, arguably, like Arabs or Persians or Armenians. However, the bulk of the enemy consists of unarguably White people who just can't stand being White and think the rest of us should agonize about it, too, while bleating about the authenticity and deep virtues of Dindus and their allies.

In a way, such people are far more despicable than those of ambiguous race because they carry suicidal tendencies like some kind of virus.

And now, to Chateau Heartiste:

The White War

The best way to think about America, now and historically, is as the battleground between rival White factions, with nonwhites and women as shock troops ordered to exploit, respectively, White men’s racial guilt and their white knightery.
One faction — the Runaway Universalists (RU) Whites — is engaged in biological warfare against the Fuck You (FU) Whites, via open borders to the third world.
This is not a recent invention. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the RU Whites (back then, Yankees of Quaker and Puritan blood) opened the borders to non-Anglo ethnic European immigration, seeking the same goal: defeat of their cousin FUs (loosely organized under the later umbrella term “WASP” for Anglo-Germanics, but including Southern and Appalachian Whites of Scots-Irish descent).
The RU Whites won a surrender and a temporary peace with the FU Whites in America’s first Civil War, but the ethnic faults and schisms persist, and have deepened since then, despite decades of “Diversity is our strength” propaganda.
Special bonus quibcag!
The end game is the same: hot war. But RU Whites know they can’t win a shooting Civil War 2 now. So their strategy is demographic displacement. This is the strategic undercurrent that will strand a true “White nationalism” political platform from achieving social significance.
The White War pitting RU White ethnics against FU White ethnics will necessarily confine any emergent WN movement to within the FU White sphere of influence, as White Nationalism is inherently a defensive posture against memetic and cultural attack by the RU Whites.
In the latter half of the 20th Century and to the present day, the psychological lethality of the RU Whites’ anti-White subversion propaganda was amplified by a tacit alliance with various nonWhite and MENA-White tribes, most notably the Jews. This alliance has facilitated a rapid and nearly uncontested march through the American institutions by the RU Whites (or more specifically by their wealthy sponsors), who had won, until 2016 the Year of the Meme Wars, absolute power over shaping public opinion, news, entertainment, reeducation, and federal government legislation.
The latest RU White assault on the FU Whites is their active promotion of miscegenation which, given recent CDC data, is successfully chipping away at the fortress inner walls protecting an organic American White fellow-feeling from complete dissolution into a deracinated favela of the soul.
In sum, it’s helpful to see the intraWhite War (or inter-ethnic White War) through the lens of abstraction versus intuition, and conjuration versus common sense. RU Whites value abstraction and use their cognitive skill set to conjure labyrinthine justifications for their airy, abstract principles that have increasingly become unmoored from reality. FU Whites favor intuition and rely on their earthy, tried-and-true common sense (aka gut instinct) to validate what they intuitively know to be true, and this reliance is what has made them particularly vulnerable to RU rhetorical attack. But to the FU Whites’ advantage the same reality that is leaving the RU Whites behind is bolstering the esprit de corps of the (till now) unspoken, and rapidly growing, FU White ranks. The FUs enjoy now a consolidation of determined purpose they haven’t had in a long while.
In a follow-up post I will discuss the emergence of Trumperica as an unexpected setback for RU Whites, and outline a wartime strategy for FU Whites to defeat the RU Whites. The take-home lesson is this: We are at war, the White War, and the sooner you recognize that the quicker we can bring this interminable White self-annihilation campaign to an end.
Quibcags: The first is illustrated by an anonymous girl I found on the net.  On the second, the girl in the shirt is Hinagiku from Hayate the Combat Butler (ハヤテのごとく! Hayate no Gotoku!). And of course it doesn't fit this post all that well, but it's a great quote and here it is for your viewing pleasure, and for you to spread around. As for the third, I found the girl here:

Monday, December 19, 2016

Another Clarification of the Alt-Right

Thrasymachus has this exactly right. Read his post which is is from here [link] and then I'll comment on it.
A Key to Alt-Right Identity

Geez, two months? I have been busy a lot, but hopefully will find more time.

“What is the alt-right?” people are asking, including the alt-right themselves. Other say it’s a stupid question, or there is no qualification, or the only litmus test is being pro-white. I have another idea.

“No enemies to the left, no friends to the right” is a basic rule of leftism. And it’s a basic rule of Buckley conservatism, or neoconservatism, or cuck conservatism. All these movements police to the right.

Even alt-righters do it, sometimes by policing anti-semites, but usually by policing Nazis. Milo did this in his Breitbart essay, if only by dismissing them as mischievous young people looking to get a rise. RamZPaul does this more forcefully, and some others. I don’t keep track of all these people, there are too many.

I don’t have any enemies to the right. I don’t know who is to the right of me, really, but let’s say Nazis are. (Another way of dismissing Nazis is saying they are really leftists, which both Jonah Goldberg and Jim Donald do.)

I’m not a Nazi, and I don’t think German National Socialism is a good model for ethno-nationalism now. I don’t know if it was a good idea then, but hindsight is 20/20. I don’t think killing a bunch of people is optimal, but contrary to what parents and teachers say, “They started it!” is a perfectly valid argument.

However, if you are a Nazi, I don’t hold it against you. We can have a beer and talk about it.

I believe 9/11 was an Al Qaeda operation, not an Israeli one where explosives were planted. But if you do, I respect your take on things. I can’t say I know everything or have all the answers. I generally hold to the Puritan hypothesis. Jews aren’t the problem, but they are enthusiastic participants in the problem. But if you are hardline on the JQ, I don’t condemn you. I don’t believe violence is the answer, I believe that the system is prepared to deal with violence best of all, and poorly equipped to deal with principled resistance. But there are people who believe in violence, and I don’t condemn them.

The left got the right, and the center, to police themselves, which is much more effective than the left doing it. They have all kinds of rules which are flexibly defined as they see fit.

This is part of the problem, that started with Buckley, but also the “conservative” movement is just a big scam, and always has been. Some guy wrote on Politico how the Tea Party got hijacked by scam PACs that kept all the money. But ever since direct mail solicitation started in the 70’s, taking money from old people has been the main business of conservatives. Since talk radio got started in the 90’s, selling crap to Limbaugh and Levin listeners has been a big business. At least when Grandpa watches Fox, he gets to see some hot ass, and Grandma can’t get offended.

The alt-right is an attitude more than a philosophy or an ideology, and that attitude is “go f*** yourself, cuck-boy.”
Okay? I find myself in close agreement with him on almost everything, though I may award a tad more credit to the Jews and a tad less to the Puritans than he does, but in principle I agree. What is meant by the "Puritan hypothesis" is that the suicidal leftist anti-Western hideousness we're going through is our own creation, produced by our Puritan element — you know, the bunch that likes to send missionaries all over the world to tell people how to live. The kind who take their Bible as some kind of instruction manual to cherry-pick for selflessly reforming the whole damn planet. The kind who end up being liberation theologians and tossing out the very basis of Western Civilization in the name of somehow bringing the benefits of same to the great unwashed. And when you start licking lepers' wounds, pretty soon you start electing lepers to public office and considering them your superior. And, insisting that the rest of us do the same. Never mind the twisted assertion that terrorists are somehow perverting Islam. What's perverted is twisting Christianity into just another leftist movement.

And he's right about no enemies to the right. I've being saying the same thing. When all to your right are your foes, that's simply proof that you're a leftist at heart whether you know it yourself or not. And his dismissal of the silly notion that Nazis are leftists is perfectly correct. Nazis are on the right, because whether you like their methods or not, they are supporters of Western Civilization, and the hatred of Western Civilization is the defining characteristic of the left. When you need help defending yourself from a Dindu or your way of life from "refugees," the Nazis will help you.

Thrasymachus knows what he's talking about. We just had an election where we deliberately forgot, for the most part, to "police our right," and we won the damn thing. Trump did just enough "repudiation" of  David Duke, etc., to confuse the enemy, but not enough to upset the coalition. Keep your powder dry and your fingers crossed.
Quibcags: Number one is illustrated by Urabe of Mysterious Girlfriend X (謎の彼女X. Nazo no Kanojo Ekkusu)., and the second by Rika Shiguma of Haganai (はがない).

Everything I ever needed to know about the election I learned from watching Star Trek

Well, the quibcag really says it all, doesn't it? It's certainly true that Hillary didn't expect Trump or anything like him. Resistance was not futile, and he was pretty unassimilable. I'm sure  she was anticipating one of those sixteen or seventeen guys, not a one of which would have dared to get belligerent with her, being gentlemen and all, and would therefore have lost big, but with all their gentlemanly cred intact.

But this was the goddamnedest election in my memory, and Hillary had to run against the anomalous Trump, who is hard to describe. You might view him as a mixture of Teddy Roosevelt as a politician, P. T. Barnum as a showman, and Andrew Carnegie as a rich guy. (I think Trump is related to Scrooge McDuck on his mother's side.) And throw in a little Andrew Jackson as a wealthy guy who was nonetheless more of a man of the people than 99% of politicians.

And of course the Star Trek analogy is exquisite. Picard did disappoint, showing up with all those tubes sticking out of him, helpless against the nefarious schemes of the Borg Queen, and having to be rescued by Riker and the other kids on the Enterprise. 

Remember this?

So, no way Kirk would get Borged like that. He'd sweep the Borg Queen off her feet and have her toting beer to him on the bridge. And if he did somehow get Borged when he wasn't looking, silly as that may sound, you can be sure he'd unBorg himself ASAP and punch out a few Klingons while he's at it.

You know how Trump would solve the Kobayashi Maru [link]? He'd buy the ship and turn it into a luxury cruise line, under budget and ahead of schedule.
Quibcag: True, true, not really a quibcag. No anime girls in it. Found the illustrations here and there on the net.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Krazy Keyboard Kut-ups!

I'm back, folks. Been busy. Best thing I can do to say hello again is to make this quibcag from a quote by one of Steve Sailer's [link] commenters. I don't want to step on Steve's toes, so you'll have to go to that post here [link] to read the whole thing with his own commentary on the comment. And now my commentary on Steve's commentary on his commenter's comment:

First off, Urbanski deserves some kind of award for creating the Ctrl-Left meme. Since it's a computer-keyboard-based flash of creativity, maybe the award could be an Oscar-like female statue, called an "Ada" after Ada Lovelace, of course [link]. The name would have the added advantage of reminding us of Ada, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle [link], a rather amazing Nabokov work.

Second off, I'm not completely with Urbanski on the "moronic" part of "moronic but powerless." This is in keeping with my motto of "Pas d'ennemi à droite" [link], Anybody who wants to may with my blessing holler "Hail Trump" with whatever salute with whatever justification they like. And I consider most forms of fascism to be more or less what Ezra Pound said, or implied, as a response to a set of specific circumstances at a specific time and location, like 1920's Italy, not an ideology to be used just anywhere or at any time. This is all lined out, as I remember it, in his Jefferson And/Or Mussolini, which you can read here [link]. I may reprint it myself later.

And third off, yes yes yes, The Right is Alternate, but the Left is all about Control. The right, even in its most totalitarian versions, seems downright embarrassed to come up with atrocities like speech codes or forcing people to insist that obviously untrue things are true. They blush whenever they try, but the left is completely comfortable telling everybody which goddam pronoun to use in a language that's had stable pronouns for centuries. I often wonder what their counterparts do in countries that speak actual gendered languages like French or German. You can't have a neuter pronoun in French, everything being masculine or feminine. Now, in German you do have "es" which is neuter, but it applies to neuter nouns like Mädchen (girl), not to sexual neuters or unspecifieds. And then you have languages like Urdu or Japanese, where he, she, and it are all the same word, so what can the squirrels find to complain about?

I think I've said enough.
Quibcag: I don't know where I found the illustration originally, but ain't she cute?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

War, as the song goes, may be good for absolutely nothing, but as for the THREAT of war....

A few days back, a commenter I almost always agree with 100% Joshua Sinistar, seems to have missed my point about General Mattis entirely. In reaction to the second quibcag down below and the accompanying post here [link], Joshua wrote:

Getting a great Military guy for Secretary of Defense now is like hiring a Champion Horse Breeder for a one-horse town. I don't want any Gung-Ho Marines around the White House. We need someone to defend our border, and any more Middle East Adventures are going to be non-starters. If Iran nukes New York, I'm gonna have a Party. If they want to fight the Ayatollah, they better do it themselves. I don't care about sand dunes. America is what really matters. And no, New York City ain't America. Not even close.

I know exactly what Joshua means here, and I agree with him. Where we differ is in our evaluation of General Mattis. You'll notice in the quibcag that Mattis isn't threatening to fight anybody. Au contraire, he's recommending quite highly that a prospective enemy not push him into a fight, because the results for the prospective enemy will be grim indeed. And, what with being a Marine commander and all, it's not an empty threat at all. For that matter, it's a "threat" only in to minds of the left, who think true peace can be arrived at only through disarmament and surrender, which is suicidal madness, at this point in history just like in any other.

So we do need a gung-ho Marine, in the Mattis sense of the term, heading up Defense. Who do you want actually guarding the border — Mattis or some version of Pajama Boy? Every country needs the best military guy they've got heading their defense departments, because Defense Departments are supposed to be prepared to fight, which is not the same thing at all as eager to fight. History tells us that very often, "prepared" and "eager" turn out to be opposites.

We've all seen all too many phony military stereotypes in the fictional media (or should I say the explicitly fictional media?)  that mislead us about the military mind. Sure, there are crazy generals, just as there are crazy lawyers and crazy plumbers and crazy architects, etc.  But most of them are just specialists in war, and, as I put it before, as such know what war is, and are therefore less likely to resort to it for trivial reasons than most civilians, who don't know the difference between video games about war and real war.  Guess what these guys have in common:

Geo. Washington
Andrew Jackson
William H. Harrison
Franklin Pierce
Zachary Taylor
US Grant
Rutherford B. Hayes
Benjamin Harrison
James Garfield
Dwight Eisenhower

They were all generals who became President. Now, think of all the terrible wars they got us embroiled in as President. Give up? Yeah. They'd all seen enough of it during their military careers. They mostly found other ways to settle disputes and further American interests.

I'll be very happy with James Mattis running Defense. And the fact that Trump is picking generals for important positions reassures me that, unlike Hillary, he, too, considers war a last resort.
Quibcags: The first is a fresh one, illustrated by some of the girls of Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァーGāruzu ando Pantsā), who, admirably, are prepared but not eager to fight.  The second is illustrated by a military girl I found on Tumblr.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hate the Russians, Suck Up to the Chinese

That's what the liberals/progressives advocate these days. Seriously, our leftie pals are having the vapors and hissy-fits over the fact that Trump accepted a phone call from the Taiwanese President, thereby maybe, just maybe, offending the Chinese. I'm not worried about that, because I think Scott Adams has it right, that the Chinese leaders are grownups who don't want to go to war because their feelings are hurt, or theoretically might be hurt [link].

On the other hand, these same smarmy liberals/progressives are beating the drums for war with Russia. Their latest champion, Hillary, called for extending NATO all the way up to the Russian border, and for instituting a no-fly zone over Syria. The latter is an act of war, and the former might as well be.

So why is the left so hostile towards Russia and go ingratiating towards China? I think Karol Traven has it right in the quibcag. Our American left has had a lifelong crush on communism, and of course it bent over backwards to argue for tolerance of, and aid to, the Soviet Union for as long as it lasted. The Chinese, despite their current wink to capitalism, remain communist in theory, so the left is expressing horror over Trump's phone call,  just as they expressed horror over Reagan's use of the term "evil empire," wailing that it might lead to war. It didn't cause a war with the USSR then, and it won't cause a war with China now. But as for Russia, it abandoned communism, and the American left just hates that, and will never forgive Russia in general, or Putin in particular.

Just one more proof that whatever they say they are, the leftists of America are nothing more than pimps for communism.
Quibcag: The Chinese girl is Kagura of Gin Tama (銀魂 Gintama, lit. "Silver Soul")

Friday, December 2, 2016

"Mad Dog" "Chaos" "Warrior Monk" Mattis

Some of the best priests look like they'd make good military officers, and some of the best military officers look like they'd make good priests. The "warrior monk," General James Mattis, falls in the latter category.

Many people have heard about Mattis for the first time only over the last few days, but I heard about him some time ago. Me, now, I was in the Army almost half a century ago, but my oldest son was a Marine, a scout/sniper in the invasion of Iraq, and General Mattis was his commanding officer. And my son had nothing but praise and admiration for him, which is typical of the Marines under his command. So I was blogging about Mattis years ago [link]. 

As Trump's choice of Jeff Sessions demonstrated that he's serious about immigration, his choice of Mattis shows that he's very serious about our military

Vox Day has been blogging about all this. Here's his latest from his site here [link]:

This guy is GOOD

It's not hard to understand why the God-Emperor Ascendant was so impressed by Gen. Mattis. Speaking as a game designer, which involves thinking through things in a way few people ever have to do, I can say this is an indication of man who takes the time to be certain he really, really knows his stuff. The mind behind this level of detailed preparation and coaching can only be described in the vernacular as Belichickian:
First Marine Division was holding their first ROC Drill, the rehearsal of concept of what we were about to do. I had never seen a walk-through like this before. Marines had spent days building an enormous reproduction of southern Iraq in a bowl formed by a huge, semicircular sand dune. Each road, each river, each canal, each oil field was built to scale and even in proper color (water was blue dye poured into a sand ditch, and so on.)

Each Marine unit wore football jerseys in different colors, and with proper numbers. First Battalion, Fifth Marines, known as one-fifth, wore blue jerseys with “15” on the back, and other units were similarly identified. Principal staff from those units stood on the “border” drawn in the sand. About 300 officers stood and sat on the dune above. It was the perfect way to visualize what was about to happen.

General Mattis stood up and took a handheld microphone. Without referencing a single piece of paper, he discussed what each unit would do and in what sequence, and outlined his end state for each phase of the early war. He spoke for nearly 30 minutes, and his complete mastery of every nuance of the battle forthcoming was truly impressive.

A narrator then took over and picked up the narrative, the rest of the first week of the early war in sequence. As he described each movement, the officers from that unit walked to the proper place on their terrain model, and by the end of an hour the colored jerseys were spread over nearly a football field’s worth of sand. What a show.

At the end of the drill, questions were answered and then Mattis dismissed everyone. No messing around with this guy. Mike Murdoch, one of the British company commanders, leaned over to me, his eyes wide. “Mate, are all your generals that good?”

I looked at him.

“No. He is the best we have.”
As I've repeatedly observed about the God-Emperor Ascendant, when he says he is going to get the best people, he isn't blowing smoke or pontificating. He's simply expressing his intentions. And if those he hires subsequently demonstrate they can't get it done, he doesn't hesitate to eject them and replace them with someone who can.
Quibcag: I found the Marine girl on Tumblr.