Friday, October 9, 2015

HuWhite Identity

Whoo-hoo! Look what I found over at The Occidental Observer [link]. If the term 'HuWhite" confused you as it did me, my research shows that it's based on Jared Taylor's pronunciation of the word "white," with an unvoiced "w," rare in the US, but more common in the UK, such that it makes a blowing-out-a-candle sound, awkwardly rendered as "HuWhite."

Oh, interestingly, Jared Taylor grew up in Japan, and speaks Japanese fluently, of course. Now, Japan has a peculiar "h," which is simply an unvoiced version of the vowel that follows it. When it comes before the vowel "u," it is in fact an unvoiced u. Most familiar to us is the word "futon," which, in Japanese, sounds like [blow out candle],"oo" as in "foot," and "ton" as in "tawny."

Anyway, if this video confuses you, it's all about the purge at National Review some years back, in which Buckley got rid of all the 'race realists,' i. e., anybody who didn't accept the Marxist dogma of the complete equality of intellect and temperament of the human races, one of the silliest ideas than anybody ever came up with.  Well, enjoy.                       

Quibcag: Akane, of  Ranma ½ (らんま½), demonstrates nondiscrimination against little black piglets.

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