Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Allen West Takes Things to a Logical Conclusion

I have to admit, I'm beginning to like this guy.


  1. Read the Statutes at Large: Being the Laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia from 1608 to the Present
    (the Present being ca.1820) The various Militia laws passed at various times called for every free man to arm himself with a musket and a basic load for one day of combat, and to have powder and lead to make more cartridges. conscientious objectors had to pay a tax to pay for the arming of the indigent and to have spare muskets to arm the militia. the original gun control law, you must arm yourself or pay tax.

  2. West is a neocon Israel Firster. Support him and you support never ending war.

    1. Only the dead, have seen the last of war.
      Douglas MacArthur

  3. Albert, I didn't realize that — so the non-carry license in Texas wasn't all that original an idea:)

    Chris, I'm well aware of that, sadly. But, neocons specialize in being 75% correct and it's that 25% that kills you.