Monday, July 25, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik— Neocon on Steroids

I'm running out of pictures of Anders Behring Breivik, so I lifted this one from Wikipedia. Having thought about this for awhile, I've decided that "neocon on steroids" as Steve Sailer puts it, is the best concise description of the guy I've heard so far.  Now, if you're new to this blog, neocons, or neoconservatives, are a little bit neo, but not conservative at all.  They're essentially a branch of Trotskyism, believing in all the stuff you constantly hear from the likes of Jonah Goldberg, Glenn Beck, and others who have usurped the term 'conservative',  that used to mean mind your own business, pull your own weight, and don't fix it if it ain't broke.  The neocons, on the contrary, are supporters of big, intrusive government, lots of socialism and 'safety nets,' and meddling not only in our own citizens' affairs, but the affairs of everybody in the world, and replacing traditional morality with new, cooler morality, to include gay marriage and anti-racism at all levels.  In this, they are very much like liberals, their sisters under the skin.  One thing we know about Breivik is that he was anti-racist, despite the 'blonde blue-eyed' phrase the media feels it has to include in every story about him.  Another thing we know is that he was a profound Zionist, which is now considered a very good thing by the so-called 'conservatives' who strangely consider a bunch of East European socialists to be somehow kindred to the Founding Fathers.  Now, this anti-racist Zionist is being exhibited to the world as some kind of neo-Nazi.  To get a balanced picture, I recommend these blog posts:

Steve Sailer
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PS.  One misleading thing in most of the media reports is the description of the "Youth Camp" victims,  Apparently, though it sounds like a camp for a bunch of kids, it's actually a political group of "young" party members in the sense that they're in their twenties, mostly, much like "Young Democrats."

More on Breivik HERE.


  1. You have no clue. Read more.

  2. " it's actually a political group of "young" party members in the sense that they're in their twenties, mostly, much like "Young Democrats.""

    Not quite.

    1. Close, though. Only a handful could be called "children," and that would be stretching it, because a child is usually thought of as pre-pubescent.


      take a closer look its a pro socialism org.

  3. I just saw the movie "Rampage" by Uwe Boll on Netflix. It's a pretty bad film about a guy who goes on a murder spree in a fictional town in Oregon. However, there are so many similarities between Bill Williamson, the character who goes on a rampage, and the actions of Breivik that is is unnerving.
    * They are both blond haired and blue eyed. They look very much like each other.
    * They both live with their parents.
    * They both dress up in a similar way before the rampage.
    * They both use a bomb as a distraction, then assault weapons.
    * Bill Williamson killed 94, Breivik 77.

    There are some differences. Breivik claims political motivation and targeted his victims. Bill Williamson claims he did this for his own personal brand of "depopulation" and mows down just abount anyone who crosses his path.

    In any event, the similarities are disturbing to say the least.