Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik — Crusader?

Anders Behring Breivik considers himself a Crusader, committing his atrocities to call attention to the danger to Europe from the Muslim onslaught.  To evaluate that danger, you really have to separate it from your horror at the deed itself.  You didn't have to think the sociopath John Brown was a hero to oppose the idea of slavery.  Contrariwise, if you opposed slavery, you didn't have to make excuses for John Brown in order to be a credible abolitionist.  And you don't have to justify Breivik's behavior if you find yourself in agreement with his anti-Muslim sentiments.  I have a lot of political opinions, but I don't advocate publicizing them with violence, and I despise what Breivik did, whether his political opinions make sense or not.  As in my last post, this is how the real right is different from the left.  The left really has no problems with violence, and when the right people perform it, they find justification for it, as in the Jena Six.  Sometimes they'll go so far as to deplore Stalin's purges, but almost always go on to say that he really had no choice, as he had to defend socialism.  Well, nobody is a better symbol of the real right than Pat Buchanan ‚ here's what he has to say about the Norway disaster.

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