Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Clinton Murder Machine

You think I'm kidding, don't you? Or maybe that I'm just referring to the many thousands killed by bombs during Willy's terms and/or Hillary's similar bombing during Obama's terms. Bombing and other military activity that of course have killed lots of Americans as well as those vague Muslims whose lives don't matter at all till they immigrate here, whereupon their lives seem to become far more important than any of ours.

No. Everybody knows about all that but nobody seems to care except right-wing bigots like me, who'd prefer not to bomb all those Muslims, because, unlike liberals and neocons, we actually respect human life. I realize that such old-fashioned sensibilities are pretty feeble in comparison with new moral principles like pretending that men who pretend they're women actually are women instead of the men that they appear to be, but we're trying, honest we are.

But I'm not talking about that public-knowledge stuff. Nope.

Nor am I talking about Vince Foster —that is, I'm not talking only about Vince Foster, as there are over a hundred or so such Vince Fosters, some of them far more spectacular than plain old VF himself. What do you suppose they tell Chelsea about what happened to all those aunts and uncles?
We may never know.

Yeah, the memes are cute but unfortunately they refer to real stuff.  When I think about the silly murder conspiracy murders involving other presidents who wouldn't hurt a fly, the indifference of the press to the Clintons' misbehavior is pretty outrageous.

And no, I'm not talking about Bill's skirt-chasing, though that's connected,

I'm talking about their cold-blooded murders. And yes, there are plenty. If you think an Arkansas redneck and his hideous wife can't be as murderous as a bunch of Corleones, you are naive. This is from Takimag:

A Hot Month for Clinton’s Body Count

Donald Trump threatened to kill Hillary Clinton last Tuesday. The Secret Service came to visit him and he’s looking at five years in prison. It’s all conjecture, of course, but that passes for cold, hard evidence this election and that’s because the whole thing is rigged. The media is completely in the tank for Hillary and they neither see, nor hear, nor speak of Hillary’s evil. Hey, guys, if you’re looking for murders, check out anyone who has ever crossed the Clintons. There are about 100 cases where some intern has slept with Bill or some lawyer knew too much or some investigator got too close and boom—he shoots himself in the back of the head at the top of a mountain at four in the morning. 
The media cared about the sheer number of cases when 57 women said Bill Cosby raped them. If we brought the Hillary kill list down to 57, you’d be dealing with only the really, really spooky ones. Like the one last month where a DNC staffer, who may very well have supplied Julian Assange with the classified emails that brought massive embarrassment to the party, was shot in the back of the head in the middle of the night. 
Seth Rich was talking to his girlfriend on the phone when a gunman came up behind him, shot him to death, and left without taking anything at all. Rich was in a nice neighborhood that I’m told hadn’t had a murder in six years. The Assange link got eye rolls from the left until he personally offered a $20K reward for any information leading to an arrest. A Dutch TV host pressed Julian on this and asked if it was a murder accusation directed at Hillary and the subject quickly died.
“As Roger Stone put it, ‘If I commit suicide, investigate Hillary.’” 
The list of victims goes on and on and on, and Google is happy to tell you how serious the accusations are and how tenuous the link is. You’ll likely come across left-wing bias where they pooh-pooh the link, but peel back another layer and it’s only a fraction of a percent less scary than you thought. 
Take the case of John Ashe, who was choked by his own barbells in June. The U.N. official was on trial for taking bribes from Chinese billionaire David Ng, a.k.a. Ng Lap Seng. Snopes wants you to know it’s a myth that it had anything to do with Hillary and even my buddy Steve Crowder claims, “He wasn’t going to be testifying against Hillary at any time.” The NY Post disagrees and claims that “the prosecutors would have linked Ashe to the Clinton bagman Ng.” This seems likely as an ABC News story from last year reported on Ng’s multiple visits with the Clintons in 1997 when he was photographed having meetings with them. So Ashe is looking at prison time for dealing with a corrupt billionaire who has a history with Hillary Clinton. He could likely negotiate a leaner sentence if he had some information to impart, but he wouldn’t be able to impart it if his windpipe were crushed by a barbell (who the hell gets killed by their own barbell?). 
Read the whole article here:
Actual quibcag: Cute, huh? Found girl at Reddit.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This and That

My son tells me that CNN has finally decided it has to say something about the Clinton foundation, what with how important it seems to be and all. About time.

Speaking of my son, he also reacted to my comparison of Trump with Caesar. "Not so much Caesar as Crassus," he said, "look it up." And I did. And by George I think he's on to something. Resemblances are uncanny. At Wikipedia:

Marcus Licinius Crassus

And just look at how he made his money.

Biggest difference is that they had an official triumvirate in Rome. We don't. Yet. But we do have a President, who has been getting more and more Emperor-like since FDR, and I think it's about to ratchet up. If so, far better the Emperor Trump than the Crazy Empress Hillary.

And comparing Rome to America, I always recommend this. Read it ASAP:

In other news, suddenly thousands of emails showed up in my inbox this morning. Mostly trivial. It's like I suddenly received email that had been piling up in the cybersphere for months. Is that possible? I'm not pulling a Hillary disingenuous pirouette here, I really don't know.

And one more related thing. If you like my posts, I'd really appreciate your sharing them here and there on your email list or wherever. Here I show my ignorance again. I'd especially love it if you'd give me as much presence on Facebook as possible. I try, but I know there are those who can do it better. Thanks for any such help you can give me.
Girl is one of those ubiquitous Trump girls on the net. Below we have Hinagiku of Hayate the Combat Butler (ハヤテのごとく! Hayate no Gotoku!) illustrating the Muslim thing, and real people in the last one. Creepy.

The Twain Don't Really Meet

My kids, wife, and I have all been in various martial arts classes over the years and they almost always sooner or later got into something about "destroying the ego" or a variation on that. And it's always weird-sounding to the Western ear. What does it mean exactly? True, the part about the ego is usually perfunctory and ignored, but it's not trivial. A lot of Oriental religions/philosophies are about ego-extinguishing, but you don't find it much in the West — and while we're at it, yes, I use "Oriental" to describe the culture of the Far East (China, Korea, Japan). It makes more sense than "Asian," and they're perfectly free to call me "Occidental" all they like.

Oh, I have great respect for Oriental egolessness, because it seems to work just fine. But as you'll see, most Occidental thinking is based on that very real ego, and, given our history, very well should be.

Jack Donovan doesn't see it that way. He think egos should be kept, not destroyed. He embraces the Western mode of thought, one of the purest manifestations of which is the Old Faith, Odinism.  I've reproduced this from his site here, and there are videos and podcasts there, so you should probably go there to read the original.

All Training is Sacrifice – STW Episode #18

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Trumpslide Cometh

Stream-of-consciousness post coming up, folks, don't say I didn't warn you.

First, I'm in the hospital again, with various geezery maladies, all of which were predictable and perfectly natural.

And I'm five days younger than Trump and look at him go! Seriously, 70 is an age around which some of us are just fine, seemingly, while others of us — me and both Clintons — look a little rocky. Is that why HIllary is sort of hiding out? She doesn't seem any healthier than I do to me, and I wouldn't trust myself with any more authority than maybe the Mayorship of a small town of ten thousand at the most.

Second, I used this illustration of Trump as Captain America some time back and some comic-book aficionado/Hillary supporter went absolutely ballistic about it, because he considered Trump to be "literally Hydra" or something of the sort. Comic book people can take their comic books way too seriously sometimes. Actually, a lot of the time. The comics world, and I include Marvel and DC in this, seems to be the same PC world that we find on television and in way too many other fictive media. So I use it again, really just to annoy him and his kind, and to demonstrate that if Spider-Man can fist-bump with Obama, all things are possible. But to the point:

I've thought instinctively for some time now that Trump is going to win in a landslide. I base this on nothing more that my own feelings. But Scott Adams is more scientific by far about such matters than I and he thinks Trump will win in a landslide. Here's his interview with Stephan Molyneuz which I first came across at The Anonymous Conservativee:

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Tarzan Influence

I haven't seen the new Tarzan movie, but I'm interested in all things Burroughs, and I found this intriguing quote on

Remember what Ray Bradbury had to say about Burroughs?
"Edgar Rice Burroughs never would have looked upon himself as a social mover and shaker with social obligations. But as it turns out – and I love to say it because it upsets everyone terribly – Burroughs is probably the most influential writer in the entire history of the world. By giving romance and adventure to a whole generation of boys, Burroughs caused them to go out and decide to become special.”
"Burroughs . . . probably changed more destinies than any other writer in American history. . . . I’ve talked to more biochemists and more astronomers and technologists in various fields, who, when they were ten years old, fell in love with John Carter and Tarzan and decided to become something romantic. Burroughs put us on the moon."

I think Bradbury was right. What writer was more influential?  What do you think?
Illustration: This is a special book for me, the first ERB novel I read. I was very young indeed. It deals with Tarzan finding a lost civilization of crusaders in Africa. There's a subplot about Arab poachers and slavers. Give your son a copy.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

More on Future History and "the Trumpening'

Captain Anastasiya Mstislavevna Zharkova of the USS Enterprise 1701F:
This is all very interesting, Ensign. Tell me more about how "the Trumpening" led to the formation of the Federation. 

Ensign Marjorie Lou Poteet of the USS Enterprise 1701F

Certainly, Captain. I have the relevant Galactopedia article right here:

The Trumpening began in 2017 when Donald Trump took office as President of the United States of America. He immediately denounced globalism and adopted a policy of "economic and political nationalism." Such policies had already been adopted by some European nations, such as Austria, Switzerland,  Hungary, and of course, Russia. Also, the "Brexit" vote in Britain the year before to leave the European Union was a harbinger of a pivot from globalism to nationalism that would sweep the world, and lead to, in Trump's phrase:

Unity in diversity -- not diversity within nations, but of nations, which should remain comparatively homogenous and keep their own special character. A set of such nation-states can play to their own special strengths without changing their own inner character, and when working together will form a much more powerful force than a bunch of "hodgepodge of folks" countries, as my frankly incompetent predecessor, Obama, liked to say. To put it in terms that everybody will understand, my kids finally talked me into watching The Avengers, and now I see their point. Those superheroes differed wildly from one another but could still work together towards a goal. If  they'd all tried to be alike - each one wanting to have a bow and arrows, each one wanting a big hammer, etc. - they would probably have formed a much weaker force. And, by the way, to those out there who compare me to Lex Luthor, I'm really much more the Tony Stark type, obviously.

But the departure of the American economic powerhouse from the globalist establishment. caused a cascade of nations to abandon the globalist system and manage its own economic and political affairs.

When, afterhe murders of 38 priests and the wounding of 78 priests, along with the murders of  43 nuns, monks, and laypeople, and the wounding of 107 of the same by a Somali suicide bomber, Pope Francis reacted to the atrocity with a call for "a greater understanding of our Muslim brothers and sisters and their noble faith," it was the straw that broke the camel's back. In an unprecedented  move, the retired Pope Benedict XVI declared himself Pope, not once again, but all along, and his retirement an "unfortunate human error" and the result of "the inherent weakness of human flesh to which we all, popes and kings and saints alike, are heir to." He went on to declare that "A pope can no more 'retire' from the papacy than a father of a family can legitimately 'retire' from fatherhood... I have been Pope since my first election and through my erroneous 'retirement.' An unfortunate victim of these circumstances which are no fault of his, is Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio. At this point, I beg his forgiveness and understanding, and implore him to resume his cardinalcy quietly and unobtrusively, the only alternative being his declaration as antipope, which wouldl break my heart and the hearts of others who love him dearly." 

The clergy and laity both being publicly expressive of their approval of Benedict's actions, Francis humbly  (and wisely, many said) acquiesced and resumed his duties as Cardinal.

In America, President Trump reacted: "Benedict XVI is a good man. He gets it. This isn't a struggle against Muslims, it's a struggle against Islam. Islam cannot be allowed to become a significant presence in the West. It must be stopped now. I understand that and so does the Pope.

Unfortunately, only five months after resuming his papacy, Benedict died of natural causes on December 28, 2017. A conclave was assembled, which, after only five votes, elected Raymond Leo Burke, of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, to be Pope. He took the name Benedict XVII, and quietly and without fanfare declared Francis to be, "due  to no fault of his own, but as a result of human frailty, antipope."

The Reconquest of Byzantium
The President of France, Marion Jeanne Caroline Maréchal-Le Pen, led France into an alliance with Turkey. Her negotiations with Turkish President, Necmettin Bilal Erdoğan began in 2030 and mainly dealt with two issues. Immigration into Europe and the security of the Turkish state's border on the south and east. In exchange for the latter, Turkey was prepared to seriously consider the former.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Star Trek and Donald Trump — The Conflation

I came across this delightful anime-ish Star Trek illustration on the net — I have no idea where it came from and would love to find out — and have been trying to use it in effective ways. So I decided on conflating the Star Trek Universe, our own, and also, with the CoDominium reference, Jerry Pournelle's Universe [link].  In this scenario, however, the CoDominium is a more benign phenomenon, taking place after the fall of communism and being a force for stability and progress.

So, what do you think? Is this a nice template for further use? And if anybody knows of any similar illustrations that I can use for such purposes, please send them or the links to me in the comments.